River City Cat Rescue

Our Mission:

Spay and neuter as many animals as possible by providing low cost spay and neuter programs.
Educate people about animal over population and the benefits of spaying and neutering.
Advocate in favor of non-lethal methods for the reduction of feral cat populations.
Rescue animals in peril and provide them with veterinary and foster care until they are adopted into loving homes.
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Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Photo Albums

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Lia and Tuna


Meet Pablo and Blossom


Everyone look this way!

Can you turn down the lights?


Meet "Nimbus" our dam kitty!

Just one of the dogs!

I can hold it myself!

Daddy's boy!

I am cute, right?

Find the "Tonester" in the basket. (Tony)

Zack and George

How do you make this broom go?

One of us is too big to be here!

The sleeves are too long!

Album: River City Fun Photos

Selected Photo: Lia and Tuna

Baby Lia is 2 weeks old. She is the granddaughter of one of our volunteers. Tuna the cat has taken a big interest in Baby Lia. I think he knows that at some point, she will have something to eat that he might partake in. Roo, Lia's other cat cries when she cries. It is a hoot. All and all Lia has lots of eyes on her to be sure she is ok. Welcome to the world Lia, we look forward to lots more cute pictures!

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